The Rusty Quill introducing: Estas Tonne

Who am I ?

 I cannot say

 U see my seasons , they change from day to day

 Poets, priest assassin, theif..

 My magic suspends when I disbelief

 Who am I?

 Im just a pack of lies

 I am a tower of cards

 Of an old seeing eye

 Tear down your lying idols

 And let your truth spring free

 Stop searching and find

Stop listening and hear

stop looking and simply see…

His music is sanctum to the mind. His journey is the path of divine. He walks with his guitar and plays magic. He wanders around, he listens and hears, and he watches and sees. He is simply you and I. He is the divine of all minds combined. He is the sanctum of dreams and the magic of breeze. He is the mountain, the valley the rock and the tree. He is the human inside, he is the nature beside. He is he life of what we see. Yet no being ever see…

With his unusual guitar style, he approached different places in world to learn different kind of music and to get newer experiences of life. “Each of us are different, each of us carry a song, a sound of our soul. I didn’t try to be different by playing some sort of ‘different’ music. It just happened naturally and within this ‘being different’ is also the same as everything else.” says Estas Tonne in an interview. ( tejasghetia)

for more about Estas Tonne: ( Estas Tonne)



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