Ayman talks


You go the same pub you order the same exact drink you ordered yesterday. You’ve been going there for along time now, you stopped worrying of who would be there because you are already familiar with everyone. It’s the part of your brain where it keeps sending you those de ja vu images. “Have I seen that already?, Didn’t that happened yesterday?” You ask your self.

You sit in the same pub for a long time; you are no longer a costumer. Your substantial status will be reduced to furniture, a table maybe, a chair! You are no longer a regular costumer; you are beneath him in the social pyramid of outings.

It all started with one drink. You try to convince your self that everybody does that same habit, and you wonder if you changed your drink today would it affect the repetitive sequence of events? And yet you hope this is your last day because you are sick of doing that same exact thing over and over again.

Self-help books always tell you how improve your life style in a way that is fruitful. Come out of your comfort zone they say, inject your daily dosage of positivity, self-meditation, therapeutic techniques, Prozac, Clomipramine, Desipramine, Doxepin, Imipramine, and you realize that the race of men will have nothing to do but practice culture, lounge around in cultivate contemplation, eat make love, travel, converse, sleep, dream and urinate into plastic toilets. Now you fully understand that there is nothing to be handled. Your life started disfiguring on its own. You wouldn’t think of a catastrophe worse than what is happening. You turn back to your beer and drink a meditative draught.


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