Tell me what ingredients you have, I’ll tell you what to cook!

so here’s what happened; I came home starving and of course as usual my house had nothing edible. So, I went in, opened my laptop, and stood there staring at the wallpaper hoping something would come up. Ordering food had never been my habit. It costs, its junky and I have no idea what kind […]

A Few of Fight Club’s More Uncomfortable Quotes

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So you love Fight Club and think Tyler Durden is cool as fuck. Why else would you be here, right? But even if your love for Tyler is so intense that it borders on creepy, Fight Club contains some statements which might make you feel a bit unsettled.…

Back to the 80s!

  Hello, remember me? I’m the guy who posts free old video games! Last time i posted ” Super Mario Classic” so you can play online. Now, I am posting three more games: PacMan : Play PacMan  Sonic : Play Sonic  Space invaders: Play Space Invaders      Enjoy (-O_O-)  

Thoreau, Marx, and the Self under Capitalism

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By Wiz One of the books that most inspired me to go to grad school was Staughton Lynd’s classic: The Intellectual Origins of American Radicalism. Its an old book now, and suffers from some of the defects common to writing from the 1960s (a slightly heroic and romantic vision…