On the Road to Divinity

I am He whom I love, And He whom I love is I: We are two spirits Dwelling in one body. If thou sees me Thou see him And if thou sees him Thou see us both With such mysticism we started our journey. We didn’t have anything planned just two souls on the road […]

a Bar conversation

  – Men build things, then we die. It’s in our fucking DNA! THAT’S WHAT WE DO! – And when it all falls down? – We build it right back up again. – But this time bigger. BETTER! – Look! Look what we can do. Look how fuckin’ beautiful we are. You think the men […]

Command me to be well

Inspired by Hozier – Take me to Church  Command me to be well We were born sick and nurtured within the bulb of a corrupted society of which we absorbed all its bad traits, and yet we love it. We were condemned to worship an over due religions like cattle stirred by the dogmatic shrines […]

A Violin from heaven

  O murmur of the breeze, Go and tell the fawn To find sweet water Only intensifies my thirst I have a beloved Whose love inhabits my insides, Her spirit is my spirit and my spirit is hers, When she feels desire, I feel desire, When I feel desire, she feels desire. For your sake, […]

Smurf Ville

In the Johan et Pirlouit stories, the Smurf village is made up of mushroom-like houses of different shapes and sizes in a desolate and rocky land with just a few trees. Beautifully well-put forces of labor working together for there own kind. But there is this other Smurf Ville that is made up of a […]


She was like something inordinately beautiful and out of this world. Like I’d found an actual planet that I didn’t know had been there all along. We got to live free, in that winter we pulled a blanket on the flour and slept in that empty room. We took long walks in the middle of […]